about AnimatorDV Simple+

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great free stop motion software. Soon will be more reviews of free soft with links and some inside of use.
some more usefull info about use of it…

Install and let it open from installer(this way it register itself),
if you won’t good luck inputting free activation key. It won’t work,
I assume it made to give users work start away without having to copy and insert key.
At first run of software create project folder chose which drive you would like and then software
will create folder for files
Example: d:\ADVProjects\
You can’t set right away place that You specially like, but when you exit software
and go to it’s folder You’ll find file AnimatorDV.ini there you can change under [PROJECTS] suitable for U folder
Example: d:\Place_I_LIKE\ADVProjects\

In software I use edit this settings(It’s usefull for week machines or just for simplicity)
Disk Playback Settings
Resolution: Quarter
and in RAM player
Resolution: Quarter

for test preview sometimes set lower or higher FPS

With some tests and trys You can use it to edit img sequences made with camera and export a test quality animation in DV and import fine edited animation in video edit software.
or even make animation from screenshots of your desktop renamed files by order before importing as sequence and then adding new frame by renaming it in order and re importing sequence.

Cool feature of this free software that You manage to grab bigger dimension of img files then DV
You just can’t export FullHD right away from there, but You can import image sequence in video editing software
and compile all your animation there and in FullHD.

Definitely would like to purchase professional version of this software, but for someone who just want to try stop motion I suggest it highly.