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  • it’s weird example/test of upcoming short series with low quality stop motion shots bonded by strange script just for FUN.

more info:
IT will be MADLY bad)). No seriously)!

THe STORY in “Example” episode is –

“in Unpredictable future
evil was born
(I get few lego parts)
and started mad and inexcusable
(stop motion test with them)
wich brought darkness to the realm
(decided to make low quality series)
BUT it was only a start..
(yeah, first example)
How the story unvile noone knows
(script done, lack of lego, awfull
scene, just for fun)”

inside note
(most of heroes I found were without head so NAME definitely had to be such)

some more info about series:
Idea was to make series in the corner of a little room that allredy filled with a lot of stuff
I just figured out that the only thing it lacks is an animation set))
Going to use it for fooling around, not using a cammera, because i need it for more seriouse stuff, to shoot clouds)))
So I dig up lost and forgoten usb webcam from days of my childhood 360×240 ))) and decided to shoot with it

  • Yes it was so nicly AWFULL!!!))

more in next post