LEGO HEAD 0 more info

… in one of my boxes I found slitly better one, it can even adjust exposure (Don’t think so it’s must be developers joke)
So I took few pices of wood and nails and here you go, – “ANIMATION SET” – He-He!!

Splinter said to grind it, but I refused, what rat knows, It’s an art, we need to torture ourselffs))
Splinters suit for this purpose perfectly)
Found in garbage Lamp with stand that bends and put it all with a tuffly aged laptop in the dark corner(of my desperate mind).
For a while it kept dust, but then i found Legos!!!!
Not a lot of parts and some broken, few bodys of lego heroes – Without heads!!!
(some monster might crualy dicided to bite of them with chances to shoot my series)
, bunch of hands — LEFT! You know it’s So UNFAIR!!! I pushed to make left handed characters)))))
With no chances to extand their personality, what if thay what to switch sides to stimulate different parts of brain)))
more in next post

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