LEGO HEAD 0 Problems

Not a lot of bricks – Use all you have but macke background and floor will be ugly cardboards or anything else.
No heads – It must be a cool thing for your script, and this boxed bricks can be jamned on necks, but they turn badly…

  • Why!? You want to make your characters turn heads. IT’s So oldschool and UnCOool!)))))

And now lets talk about real PROBLEMS, writers strugle how to make script DEEP and thoughtfull. We don’t want it to be shallow.

  • Yeah! how about animation and that You need to have your elbow able to bend both ways to move puppets in your rediculously uncomfortable set.

SHuT UP!! Noone cares about animation, The STORY! It’s what importent.
(mistakes and typose in text unimportent too)
EVERYKO!!! It would be great!
more in next post

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