Custom armature for fun


I made already few custom plastic armatures that work.
but most of problem is need of screwds to tight joint ball socket plates.
(as i haven’t figured out a way to make them myself, for now)
to make armature more cheap i tryde to use wire nails which i twist around plate.
It was a test
it works but time from time you need to use pliers to press on wire that hold plates to tight and stop joint beeng to lose.
ofcourse you can use more wire or make two goles amd twist wire, it might improve strength of joints .
BUT still
don’t look good enough to shoot film, more like for a funny video, because animating with falling limbs a part while trying to
tell thoughtfull story – not nice

Will add small fast video test with it
and furthere more test of my types of cheep and hand made armatures.

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