TEST Custom armature for fun

here video test smal and rough, and some info

—plastic plate drilled and cuted into joint plates

—ammo from child toy gun for balls

—aluminium thick wire(not realy a choise had spare small pices unuseble for other needs)

—fire (to heat aluminium stifts amd push into balls, bad choise, use another wire, aluminium end up been to haed to heat)

—nails from wire (small and easy to bend but should keep their state to press plates together)

—few woden balls used, wire some times falls from the(fast glue is a fix but not for long)

—thin wire for fingers
(realy thin but not breaking by bending, don’t hold position well, atleast don’t break all the time)
four layers twisted with drill.

—Head with jaw made from plastic scraps( left from cutted plates).

—Eyes from some kind of imitation jewelry
—Chest ball drilled out of wood (with custom cap made for drill).

—Feet from plastic plates.

push nails through middle hole in both plates and then bend around
to create more pressure(tighter motion), use pliers to fixate bend of wire nails and make plates keep tight together, but be carefull not to break plates and balls.

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