New Controls links

When I created and edited FORUM. I figured out that there are some categories that I miss on website. Stuff that I do and interested in. It would be right to put them in categories, but It don’t suit to WordPress categories(as for me). So It will be under __LINKS__ in ___CONTROLS__ widget on sidebar.

On forum I already created them So here is Some links on Forum: HATEMADE,     SOFTWARE REVIEW

Time from time I’ll get here to post message in such places too so here.
Website links and descriptions:

HATEMADE – handmade projects, tools, electronics, programming, a lot of stuff that makes You HATE IT! while you making it ))

SOFTWARE_REVIEW – I see that I test a lot of software, and have thoughts and might usefull info so decided to share. It wont be like other reviews, it’s just thoughts and tips, problems, but lets call it “Reviews” for simplicity
USEFULL – made playlist in youtube where I collect useful as for me stuff, so will share here too.
It’s going to be additional type of content and with a lot of new angles – DIY, wood work, metal, programming, web editing and other so if You intrested SUBSCRIBE to blog register on FORUM , leave comments.

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