To get into X-P link base


Then all details will be send to You by email.

To registrate just on blog you can go through

this link – WordPress.COM sign up as USER or login

—-no need to create blog just register, and skip everything—-
creat user account on

and click Follow X-P on
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Seee YOU on BLOG) and FORUM

In FORUM registration

after you’ll recive message

“For registration approval
add reply in FEEDBACK / ОТЗЫВЫ
with your user name”

add coment to any post on FEEDBACK/ОТЗЫВЫ with Your user name.

Example: “USERNAME” like this post.

and Admin will accept your registration.


without registration you can write request on forum.

YOU Can submit Message to REQUEST section

(“USERNAME” “email” accept my registration)

and Your user accout will be created manualy and all details send to you by email.