REBIRTH/DEATH new project social study

character, story will LIVE or DIE
in this TWO DAYS.
PROJECT about completing the goal of recreating story in different media ways, to fullfeel what You passioned about, and get discovered, engaged with audience, viewers in ONE WEEK.
Without budget and free to get product.
Would anyone find IT and react? engage, and follow to discovere end result. – check it out and reply. The LIFE of character is in YOUR hands!!!!

IT ALL ABOUT — REBIRRTH or DEATH of will to create, will to continue,
to survive and keep going, making something that you Love and get it ALIVE and working/
DONE now, HEARD here or DEAD then and forever. Without ability to dream or do something.
We always think that there gonna be next day(time)
but then it came to the LAST DAY

while being out there(in the web) for few years, or mighgt six years and different social websites, and open for viewers personal websites and blogs, haven’t found realy audience and viewers.
(mostly in now days, ten years ago there were slightly more movement on websites)
We decided eventualy to try and study intresting fact, test someone would say. Would anyone found and react(reply) to not hidden laying just slightly not on front view PROJECT on the web.
Without real advertisement, do people wonder web enough these days. Is it able to find viewers without a lot of advertisement, just few messages out there on different boards, and just doing your PROJEСT, would anyone came.
Like if Someone screeming in the endless space of ears, would he be heard? without pulling or pushing anyone.

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